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Can you recommend a soap to start with?
This is perhaps the question we get asked the most.  This month, we launched the "Variety and Sampler" packs to help people try smaller versions of various soaps, facial bars, and shampoo bars we make.  This is the easiest way to try our soaps and you can find them here: https://oneluv-organics.myshopify.com/collections/variety-packs

Hemp Free Soaps (Essentials Line)

These soaps are made with premium oils such as Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and are naturally cured high in the Colorado Rockies.  These soaps are a great option for people seeking a top-tier soap at an everyday price.

Luxury Hemp Soaps (Essentials Line Hemp) 

These soaps are made with many premium ingredients including Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Goat's Milk (Except for Vegan Options  called 'Pure') and other high quality ingredients.  Here at OneLuv Organics we use these soaps every day.  The milk is sourced right here on the OneLuv Organics farm.  

One soap in this line is slightly different than the others.  It is called Carbon and it contains activated charcoal for extra cleaning power.  It is the same high-quality activated charcoal used in all our facial bars.  Other than that, Carbon is the same luxury hemp soap.

Luxury Hemp Soaps Petite (Essentials Line Hemp)

These are the perfect travel-size or sample-size soaps.  They are the exact same soap as the larger "Luxury Hemp Soaps (Essentials Line)" described above.

Luxury Facial Soaps

Our Luxury Facial Soaps include activated charcoal swirls and are made from ultra-premium ingredients including Argan oil, Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Responsibly-Sourced Palm Oil, Organic Olive oil, and even farm-fresh goat milk produced right on the OneLuv Organics dairy located high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  These bars contain hemp seed oil which is legal in all 50 states.  All soaps in this line are the same even if you try various scents.

Shampoo Bars 

Our shampoo bars have goat's milk and many other premium oils including hemp seed oil that are specifically chosen to gently clean your hair and scalp. Goat's Milk and DL-Panthenol (AKA Provitamin B5) add a luxurious element to our shampoo bars which provide a large amount of rich, creamy lather.  Shampoo bars are very eco-friendly as there is no plastic bottle to dispose of and they are perfect for travelers who do not want to deal with TSA liquid limits.  

Once you try the shampoo bars, it is highly unlikely you will ever go back.  Everyone at OneLuv Organics use them every day!  
*Palm-Free shampoo bars (launching Dec 2019) will not initially contain DL-Panthenol but we are working on the formulation to include it.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@oneluvorganics.com.  

Thank you for welcoming our products into your homes.

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