Perfect Pairings

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The Perfect Pairing of a Hemp Soap and Hemp Shampoo Bar
Perfect Pairings are different combinations of a petite soap and petite shampoo bars from our Essentials Hemp line.  We pick pairings based on scents, patterns, and your feedback.  

Included OneLuv Organics Cotton Bag
These soaps come in a cotton OneLuv Organics drawstring bag which makes them great for travel.  No more need to worry about TSA liquid limits even for your shampoo.

Each Pairing Includes:
1 Petite Luxury Hemp Soap (Essentials Line) approximately 1.3 ounces
1 Petite Luxury Hemp Shampoo Bar (Essentials Line) approximately 1.2 ounces
1 OneLuv Organics Cotton Bag
1 OneLuv Organics Sticker
1 OneLuv Organics Card

Our Curing Process is Key
All of our cold process soaps and shampoo bars are naturally cured for many weeks right here on the farm in the cool Colorado mountain climate at an elevation of about 7,300 ft MSL.

Our Soaps
Our soaps are made from the highest quality ingredients including hemp seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, and even farm-fresh goat milk produced right on the OneLuv Organics dairy located high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  These bars contain hemp seed oil which is legal in all 50 states and can even be purchased in many health food stores.  

Our Shampoo Bars
Our shampoo bars add to our traditional hemp soaps because they do contain additional ingredients chosen specifically with your hair and scalp in mind such as Jojoba Oil and Dl-Panthenol.  

You use our shampoo bars just like a soap bar only you rub it directly on your hair (or scalp).  It doesn't take much to produce a large amount of lather so be mindful of that the first time you use it.  You'll see.

Environmentally Friendly
Because our shampoo is in bar form, there is no bottle to dispose of.  Once you try shampoo in bar form, we think you will agree with us that there is simply no going back.  

About Us
We are a veteran-owned family farming business located high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  You can keep up with the latest activities on the farm by visiting us at one of the following sites:


Patches of Hope Feed the Hungry Program
This is the program that Alexis and Avery Bortell created and operate through OneLuv Organics.  A portion of all soap sales go to fund USDA Certified Organic gardens grown on our farm that are donated to local charities that feed homeless and hungry families around the Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO areas.  This program and Alexis's other advocacy work have been detailed on shows such as CBS This Morning.

Thank you for trusting us with your business and for welcoming our products into your home. 

*Due to the hand made nature of our soaps, color and weight variations can occur. 

All images © 2018 OneLuv Organics LLC


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