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A way to donate online has been one of our most requested items for 2019.  We added this  option as of 09/2019 for people to donate directly to our activities on the farm at OneLuv Organics.

As most of you know, OneLuv Organics grows organic fruits and vegetables some of which are donated through our Patches of Hope program to charities such as Tri-Lakes Cares in Monument, CO and The Marion House in Colorado Springs.  

For the past 3 years we have self-funded it partly from our soap line and starting this year, our farmers market activities.  Haleigh's Hope Inc. has also donated to our activities when customers use the HHLEX code to purchase their products.  

It has worked well.  In 2017 we had a total of 200 linear feet of organic garden beds.  This year (2019) we passed 1100 feet of organic garden beds.  In 2020, we plan to add about 200 feet of new beds and hopefully build our first commercial greenhouse to extend the growing season.

As knowledge of our work has spread via news programs such as CBS This Morning and word of mouth, more people who live too far away to support us via our market stands have asked to help.  

Thats what this donation product is for.  Simply select the amount you would like to donate and check out like with any other product.  

Want to know how much your support is helping?  Send an email to and volunteer or follow us on our social sites.  Our charity work is usually tagged using #PatchesOfHope.

Thank you!

OneLuv Organics 

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